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VFD Training in Chennai

VFD Training Courses in Chennai

VFD (VARIABLE FREQUENCY DRIVE) - In order to attain different levels of Speed and torque in AC Motor drives, if and when required, VFDs are incorporated in the systems of industrial shop floors and elsewhere worldwide. Utility areas of VFD range are from small appliances to the large mine-based mill drives and air-compressors. Though global level usage of VFDs is relatively small, they have their niche areas of importance where usage of VFDs cannot be compromised, since the purpose of incorporation of VFDs is to attain control of performances and saving of energy whenever and wherever required. VFD Training provides to the students insights on the subject

Experience VFD TRAINING at Wiztech

Wiztech Automation has made it the organization's mission to ensure that the students are always trained thoroughly both in theory and practical aspects with hands on training, since without the skill to handle one cannot just have the knowledge. In VFD Training, Wiztech covers AC drives, dc drive and servo drive, VFD panel wiring, parameter settings and its communications with PLC / DCS using Modbus protocol. Incorporation of various sensor-settings for acceleration and deceleration controls of motors is an important area covered in the syllabus of VFD Training