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Internship in Chennai for EEE Students

Getting engineering experience outside the regular college campus is often called Internship. It could appear to students irrelevant & unnecessary sometimes, but it does a great deal of good for the students. Internships give the students on-job experience and could provide good connections and references. For specialized industries, viz. aerospace engineering, manufacturing, etc., internships are highly rewarding and educating opportunities which students and post-graduates should actually grab. Internships augment knowledge, skills and make the students explorative in their mental capacities resulting in creativity and hence the students of engineering and other specialized areas of learning to opt for internships. Internship for EEE is one of the scheduled programs at Wiztech.

Wiztech Automation offers Internship for EEE

Wiztech Automation, Anna Nagar, Chennai, a Frontline Training and R&D organization offers Internships to the Students of Engineering, who are keen to upgrade their knowledge and skills in the field of Industrial Automation (PLC range of Systems) and also other systems such as Embedded, VLSI. Other fields for which internships are offered are IT/Software, Mechanical (AutoCAD), Web Designing, SEO, etc. Students looking for Internship for EEE could approach Wiztech Automation.

Wiztech has the needed Infrastructure and the Facilities for Offering Internships. The faculty members, in charge of internships, are all qualified and Experienced who could impart quality knowledge and skills to the intern students and prepare them for joining industries in future. The facilities to provide 100% practicals, Individual Focus and Hands-on Experience are the Organization's strong points. Post internships depending upon the candidate’s skills job opportunities are also organized through placements. For Internship for EEE depending upon the duration and also the needs of the students, they are provided Free Accommodation. Internship for EEE at Wiztech Automation is a strong and added Qualification to the Students.