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FAQ - Frequently Asked Question

What is the scope of PLC training in industrial Automation?

ANSWER :Since PLC is used for automation of industrial electro-mechanical processes - like control of machinery or in factory assembly lines, for amusement rides or even light fixtures, the application of PLC technology has an exclusively area of utility. This is due to the rugged and robust nature of PLC for automation in the areas where working conditions are tougher. PLC in industrial automation has therefore lasting scope and the requirement of engineers in development, servicing and supervision is quite significant.

Why engineers choose best PLC automation training in Chennai?

ANSWER :After completion of engineering degree, students looking for good job opportunities in their core domain, search for organizations / Institutes offering quality training in the respective field, which will be immensely useful for getting the job. Industrial employers look for candidates with thorough conceptual and detailed knowledge supported by hands on experience with practical skills in PLC Automation. In Wiztech automation solutions we make the students have thorough & detailed knowledge in concepts and application areas, apart from the best practical training in the skills. If they complete such training in Chennai, they can be easily placed in Multinational companies. So, engineers choose PLC Automation training Chennai.

Why PLC Automation domain is preferred?

ANSWER :PLC Automation is more prevalent in manufacturing industries - small & heavy industries, where PLC Automation controls are established. The exclusive nature of PLC SCADA based Industrial Automation is that the system is rugged and robust and can efficiently work even in tough working conditions. Since the manufacturing and servicing sector depend on PLC Automation instead of the alternate systems, the scope for job opportunities are high and hence PLC Automation domain is preferred.

What is the future of the students after they are trained in PLC Automation?

ANSWER :The students getting their training in Wiztech will have a bright future. Since Wiztech Automation Solutions provides thorough and detailed knowledge both in Hardware and software, hands-on experience on practical & employable skills, this becomes possible. Since employers look for good domain knowledge, hands-on experience and practical skills, the candidates seeking job opportunities find training provided by Wiztech Automation as quite fulfilling. The atmosphere in Wiztech automation solutions will give the required Industrial work experience. MNCs look for candidates who are thoroughly trained like it is done at Wiztech. The future for PLC Automation continues to be good, as it is currently an exclusive field based on the industrial demand which continues to be encouraging.

What is Embedded System Training?

ANSWER :Embedded system is a fast growing field in India and other countries. One, who wishes to enter this field, if fresher, cannot survive the critical in the industry. We in WIZTECH AUTOMATION provide practical exposure and training in all aspects of embedded system to make the candidate fit for working in any top Embedded based industry/company.

What is VLSI Training?

ANSWER :training is needed for those who are willing to enter VLSI field but not having sufficient time to do P.G courses(2 years) / those who want practical training/ in depth training, WIZTECH AUTOMATION is the right choice. We provide training in VLSI FPGA DESIGN, VERILOG, VHDL, FPGA Flow and System VERILOG's.

What isJob Opportunity After Completing PLC Training?

ANSWER :B.E/B.Tech/M.E/M.Tech/Diploma (ECE, EEE, E&I, MECH, Mechatronics), BSC / MSC ELECTRONICS candidates, who have knowledge of just PLC basics, cannot achieve their dream career in leading industry without practical knowledge.